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My name is Jessica as Jessie or Joey!

I am a huge fan of Miley Cyrus!!!
Yes,I am from American Samoa!

I hope you'll leave me comments and I want to make really good friends!

More about Me at album About Me!
Smile xD
Smile xD
I am crazYy
I am crazYy

Comments • 5

avianamonasterio 22 May 2010  
hei Joey!
deliaboss 21 May 2010  
hey:) come on our page :) thnx:)
YasseCyrus 22 May 2010  
I'll come!
justinbieberfannumber1 21 May 2010  
heyy :)
AlexisOlsonjustme 21 May 2010  
hey jessye
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