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About me

Some things about me!

My name is Jessica Marie Martin.I am born on 16th July in a hot and sunny day!My mother's name is Marilyn Channel Martin and my dad's name is Michel Shane Martin.
I'm 19!!!Majore!!

I think I am a pretty girl and I like Miley Cyrus and Purple!!!!

I like Milkshake From Starbucks and food from McDonalds!
I love Coke!!!
Coca Cola!
I hate Justin Bierberr!!!(Ewwww,he's so uggly!!!And have a girly voice!)
confirmation time ;)
confirmation time ;)

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avianamonasterio 22 May 2010  
he picture of you? if you you're incredibly beautiful ~
justinbieberfannumber1 21 May 2010  
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